The name Katong Catholic Book Centre or KCBC is iconic among the Catholics and Christians in Singapore. We are now renamed to Katong Catholic Shop or KCS. Having been around for more than 40 years, it had its humble beginnings as a small bookshop set up to support the Church’s mission of evangelisation and sharing the Word of God with its collection of religious books, cassettes and articles of that era. A brainchild of the then Parish Priest of the Church of the Holy Family, Rev Fr Pierre Barthoulot in 1977, this bookshop expanded and grew in its offerings over the years.

In 1979, Katong Catholic Book Centre was incorporated as a private limited company.  Following tradition, its board of directors has firmly been helmed by the Parish Priest and Assistant Priests of the Church of the Holy Family. In 2023, we are now known as Katong Catholic Shop as we have shift focus on books to bibles and religious articles pertaining to the catholic faith.

Today, Katong Catholic Shop’s patrons and customers are spoilt for choice with the Centre’s wide range of bibles, liturgical books, encyclicals and letters by the popes.  It also boasts of carrying a variety of religious articles for sacramental occasions, among them Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony and even Ordination.  Among its offerings are liturgical vessels and vestments and liturgical music resources procured for the many Catholic Churches around Singapore. 

Over the decades, Katong Catholic Shop, in its own way, has helped many in the parish communities learn more about the Catholic faith and share their faith through meaningful gifting with items from its shop.  Each customer interaction has been precious opportunity for us to share the love of Christ.

We hope to continue serving the community and spreading the Good News for many more years to come.